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Illustrator Jenni Cornall, in a green floral jumpsuit in Cornwall

Hello! I’m Jenni originally from a small (ish) town in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

In 2023 I completed a Masters Degree in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art.

Growing up not far from the Shropshire hills and coasts of Wales has influenced me and my work massively. I am particularly interested in nature and have a huge love for animals. I actively look for true stories about animals to help inspire my projects. I love to add subtle humour to my work and enjoy trying to create warm stories that people can enjoy. I am also particularly interested in telling stories from my own life experiences and enjoyed exploring difficult subject matters through metaphors.  

My work is a mixture of printmaking, such as mono-printing, which I fell in love with on my MA, I love the yummy textures it can create and the softness it achieves (especially with fancy Japanese paper!) Recently I have been experimenting with Risograph printing and using the process digitally but with handmade layers. I also work in gouache and coloured pencils, but I am on a constant journey of exploring new materials.


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